The UNOPS Executive Director lies and covers up

22 March 2022 – Mukesh Kapila

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Grete Faremo, Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services was economical with the truth when she addressed her Global Leadership Meetings on 9th and 16th March. That is a polite way of saying that she lied to her staff.

The GLM was convened in panic after the publication of two articles on 4th March and  9th March, exposing a multi-million ring of fraud and corruption at this multi-billion dollar agency, a critical lynchpin of the United Nations system. 

Intimidation and cover-up

Ms Faremo and Syndicate, known officially as the Senior Leadership Team (SLT),  did not address any of the substantive points raised in previous articles of this series. She also lied about the role of each of the SLT members in the alleged misappropriation of over US $ 60 million.

To add insult to injury, the Executive Director pleaded for  staff support: “We are stronger united together”. Apart from some sycophantic noises from well-known opportunists such as the Director of the Europe Regional Office, there was silence that, in itself, spoke volumes. 

A brave soul or two said that they were not with her because they had no part in misappropriating the millions. Others were disappointed at how the top management had let them down. There was understandable anxiety about reputation damage, impact on activities, as well as personal jobs and livelihoods.

Ms Faremo expressed regret at  letting staff down, but the mea culpa did not extend to taking responsibility or providing explanation for what went wrong. On the contrary, the SLT huffed and puffed as they recognised that they would hang separately unless they hung together. So, a collective cover-up was in their deluded best interests.

Grete Faremo resigned on 16 March but will stay on till 30 September. That gives her discredited team ample time to clean up the crime scene – get rid of dodgy documents, purge incriminating emails, coerce witnesses, and bribe others to stay quiet.

Continuing information leakage from UNOPS suggest that  a cover-up is, indeed,  in full swing.  An internal indoctrination  campaign is underway with tactics  not unknown among famous authoritarian regimes around the world.   Unpalatable facts are being finessed and busy personnel asked to do second duty as spin doctors.

That is helped by the culture of intimidation that is long-established at UNOPS. A serving staff likened it to a modern version of the Spanish Inquisition. Although thumbscrews are not used nowadays, the Executive Director’s  question to her global management: “Are you with us?” had a distinctly sinister ring, as a campaign to find moles and whistle-blowers was launched.

The key lies by Ms Faremo

Grete Faremo has some physical health problems for which we wish her well. But she is not known to suffer from any memory disorder. She is also not naive or stupid, as an acclaimed business leader. Admittedly,  a controversial previous political career (as a Norwegian minister) would have provided useful skills in dissembling. She appears to have used these to the fullest extent, in her second career in the unfortunate UNOPS.    The major fibs – there are others –  she rolled out at the Global Leadership meeting are as follows:

First and foremost, the due diligence exercise carried out on Sustainable Housing Solutions Ltd. highlighted a ton of red flags which were wilfully disregarded by Ms Faremo and her Senior Leadership Team. She claimed she had no idea of such issues. Placing all blame on her own deputy, Mr Vanshelboim, she said that she is still trying to obtain information on what happened.

The whole scam happened on Ms Faremo’s patch and under her explicit leadership and direction. But, shamelessly,  she now claims that she didn’t know what was going on. At the very least,  one can’t stop wondering why no action was taken prior to Mr Vanshelboim’s placement on administrative leave in December 2021, by which time the fowls had flown the coop. 

Second, Ms Faremo claimed that the most questionable arrangement (prohibited under UN rules) with the son of her General Legal Counsel, James Provenzano , was reviewed and approved by the UNOPS Ethics Officer, Kathryn Higgs. This is even more problematic as it demonstrates that even the Ethics and Compliance function – which is not independent and reports to the Executive Director herself – is unfit for purpose and can’t be trusted.

Third, Ms Faremo said that, because of his son’s involvement,  General Counsel Provenzano had recused himself on decisions that impacted on associated business. That is untrue. From piecing together the sequence of events and decisions taken at UNOPS, the manicured digits of Mr Provenzano appear deep into the depths of the projects constructed around   ‘We are The Oceans’ (US$5 million drained) and  SHS (approx US$58 million siphoned). 

Fourth, Ms Faremo claimed that her Chief  Financial Officer, Marianne de la Touche was the person who reported the matter to the UN Board of Auditors.  That is another blatant lie. There was only one whistleblower in this case and that was not Ms De La Touche. The CFO’s interactions with the UN auditors  was years after she, herself, had authorised the disbursement of millions of dollars to a company with no track record and whose owner was met at a cocktail party in New York City.

And while the smallest NGO in Afghanistan must submit a financial guarantee to receive advance payments, no such requirement was imposed by Ms De La Touche who should have stopped these transactions. It was her duty as CFO to ensure that every donated taxpayer dollar is accounted for and spent for true development needs, not to gamble with or to enrich UNOPS itself.

The High Priestess

Meanwhile, Grete Faremo has adopted a more divine role. At the Global leadership Meeting, she defended her SLT, sang their virtues and, rather than seeking accountability,  absolved them of all ‘sins’.

Ms Faremo’s associates looked suitably embarrassed but simpered dutifully in return. In absolving her Syndicate of any wrong doing, the Executive Director has become the self-appointed High Priestess of the cult she has built around her. Even your neighbourhood priest, who is properly licensed to absolve your wrongs, demands some penance in return for bestowing the grace that washes away your transgressions.  Ms Faremo has instead, in her own rigged game of Monopoly, used her Chief Banker privilege to grant a get-out-of-jail- free card to co-conspirators.

UNOPS leadership has misjudged the mood

The Syndicate has misjudged the mood of the moment. We live at a time when such wrong-doings can’t stay hidden, as in past corruption at UN agencies.  For starters, in the digital age, nothing can ever be expunged even if you smash up your hard disk, as copies of correspondence are scattered far and wide and forensics can detect minute digital trails.  This has already made a casualty of the suspended Deputy Executive Director Vitaly Vanshelboim.  There is so much information there – and yet more is coming out as numerous past and present staff come forth. 

Second, and more important, in the age of citizen communications, the world mood is different and setting it is no longer dependent solely on mass media coverage by The Guardian or The New York Times (good as they are).

Resistance is mounting

Thus, as the genie is now out of the bottle, no witch-hunts and coverups will succeed at UNOPS. The original whistleblower (not the source of my own information) followed the correct protocols and reported the concerns with full evidence to the designated authorities. But nothing happened. The whistleblower is paying a heavy price for their courage and professional dedication to duty.   

Nevertheless, it is now clear that  the vast majority of the rank-and-file at UNOPS are appalled by the venal conduct of their leaders. They are resisting getting suborned into a criminal enterprise that has trashed their otherwise good work.  Other staff with further damning information are also ready to come forth.

If UNOPS sets up an internal Truth Commission, the queue of witnesses would create a traffic jam at its Copenhagen headquarters. They recognise their moral historic duty to stand up against “corruption, fraud, mismanagement and abuse of authority” (in the words of one staff) and rescue their beloved organisation that has been captured by the Syndicate.

It is somewhat perplexing to understand why Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations has, so far, taken a laid back approach. After all, his Office of Internal Oversight Services who has been aware of the brewing scandal at UNOPS for some time. Mr Guterres needs to ensure that the whole management and leadership team at UNOPS and not just Grete Faremo are sent packing as speedily as possible.

We need UNOPS and it will recover. But that requires the organisation to be cleaned up, starting from the top. Meanwhile, it is very important that donors stop funding UNOPS until there is complete change there, as well as full independent investigation and accountability for offences committed. Otherwise, billions of dollars remain at risk, even as donors’ objective to help poor and needy people around the world are betrayed.

Not a one-man heist

A sum approaching US$60 million (or even more) can’t be stolen by any individual acting on their own, even the demonically brilliant practitioner of the dark arts, Vitaly Vanshelboim. The people who enabled him were Ms Faremo herself and her SLT, personally appointed by Ms Faremo.

She also used her executive privilege to ignore or tear up the checks-and balances at UNOPS that would have prevented this crime. Ms Faremo’s  flawed management and control system is akin to a digital crook implanting a virus deliberately into a computer programme, and then shutting off the anti-virus to prevent, scan, and remove incoming threats in real time.

While Mr Vanshelboim  may have been fingered as the Chief Crook, there is a whiff of scape-goatery around the whole sorry saga. We know from experience that once  a web of  fraud and corruption is spun, it entangles many.  So, the troubling question is whether UNOPS’s top leadership team have also made corrupt personal gains, or will do so in the future, when the hue and cry dies down? A bit like old-fashioned bank robbers who hide their stash somewhere until it is safe to retrieve. In this case, the robbery at UNOPS is from the ragged pockets of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

In any case, even if Ms Faremo and her Syndicate members have not stashed ill-gotten gains in their own suitcases, the issue of their personal corruption is moot if they have, instead, directly and indirectly,  enabled one of their own team to defraud and misappropriate UNOPS funds.

The personal contributions of individual members of the Senior Leadership Team to the United Nations system’s heist of the decade deserve their own telling.

That is for another day.

Published by Mukesh Kapila


37 thoughts on “The UNOPS Executive Director lies and covers up

  1. Thanks so much for your tenacity and for putting this together. Good job!
    At UNOPS, we all know that the Ethics Officer is a salary collector and is not fit for the position she holds.
    You will be lucky to get any response if you raise any issue with her. In fact, she is making the auditors work very difficult.


    1. This comment makes certain inferences that could lead people to think that Lubica Chovanova from UNOPS Internal Audit & Investigations Group made this comment. I want to make it very clear that I am NOT the author of this comment and I do not endorse the views expressed by this person.


  2. Was the current Ethics officer anything like the previous Ethics officer David Mitchell, who was hired through a separate company (Matrix Financial Services I believe) specifically to get around after-retirement work limits placed on former staff, and whose contract existed in no system other than Vitaly’s desk?

    That was a transparent arrangement with no conflict of interest.


  3. Purging has started. Ms Faremo today announced the departure of Ms. Kathryn Higgs, UNOPS Ethics Director.

    Did she leave voluntarily or she was pushed out? Who could be next?


  4. Typical! You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ too. Now everything is making sense!

    UNOPS SLT should step down! Some of us worked very hard to bring UNOPS where it is today. This unacceptable!


  5. So much for the UN organization which is apparently run like a business. If we only knew the true meaning of that.


  6. I work at the regional office. The work environment is very toxic. You will be surprised by the type of advice we get from Ethics and PCG. Most of the times we are cautioned not to expose mismanagement by our regional director but to protect him.


  7. @Victoria, it would be too easy to blame everything on the SLT, though they carry a major portion of the status quo. But don’t forget, we all have been there, we all saw the development, we all looked the other way here and there, we all closed the eyes out of fear we could be next to be put into the black book.
    There have been cronies long before the SLT was formed, the COG was not any better, similar disoriented and confused but admittedly not as ruthless as the SLT.

    I am sure you remember when after the arrival of new directors in HQ, suddenly a re-modeling was initiated, personnel diversity was thrown over board and units started to look more unified, tall, blond, blue, eyed replaced the essence of what the UN should be, a diversity of people from all over the world.

    But are we really surprised? What did we expect? Grete was and still is a politician, not a development actor. Politicians think differently, they act differently, they manage differently. It is all about the glory, all about who shines more.

    Remembering all the GLMs and the notion of “Let’s do more with less”. Sounds so impressive because there was no problem, if more money was needed to create new units and sections in the HQ, what was done, correct a new fee was invented and thrown to the country offices with the advice ” It is your job to make the donor believe it is needed and it serves a greater purpose.

    But not much soul searching was done and questions raised about how many bridges collapsed under UNOPS infrastructure management, how much funding was wasted for useless interventions and how country offices were starved and squeezed to “deliver more with less”.

    But we all smiled and we still keep smiling because opening your mouth, criticizing, pointing out issues, outing waste and mismanagement and you will find your head on the chopping block.

    @Ellen, Kathryn leaving is a smart move, if she is not in UOPS or the UN anymore, she is out of the reach of OIOS or any other investigative UN entity and can not be compelled to testify agains …..
    and we all know this case will never make it to a court of law because the SG would have to lift immunity from a number of people and that would expose the deeper more troubling situation the UN is in.

    @Gery….. maybe time to sit down and write a book 🙂

    Stay safe, be carefully

    Sempre Fi



  8. UNOPS has been a cover up organization for a while from Bullying, harassment, money laundering and to even worse (shoddy work causing bridges collapsing). Most of the time the people that are the most cut throat get up the chain. If someone tries to improve a department/team or speaks out you are attacked with the pretext of this is my house don’t make me look bad! Bullies get promoted and run the show. To be honest, it is a mess and the worst run place I have ever worked, there is no process improvement culture at all. Only a publicity culture to make everything look good although it is a mess and unfortunately the best people leave because money can’t hold them and the rest stay because the salary is more than they will ever make outside the UN!


  9. I reported a case of fraud through the established reporting channels. Instead of the organization to investigate the case the regional director for Africa instructed the multi country office to terminate my contract under the pretext of lack of funding.


  10. I have been with UNOPS for some years now. I have seen truly dedicated, good-hearted people working hard to help bring about a change in this world, to put in extra effort for others, to work on themselves to be good leaders, and countless great projects and initiatives that UNOPS can be rightfully proud of. UNOPS helps people in need and creates positive impact. There are hundreds of stories that prove it. As the author says – the world needs UNOPS.

    While I saw the good side, I have also experienced managers bullying others to get ahead, take credit for work they have not done, lie, harass and mismanage others and abuse their authority, while having a safe cover-up – developed ‘more than professional’ relationships with those higher in the hierarchy to have their back. Many people experienced the same, yet they are afraid to stand up for themselves. And the fact remains that even after having reported such misconduct with numerous concrete examples to PCG, Ethics, Ombudsman, Regional Offices… you name it…very little has changed. You see “Speak up” posters all around, but what happens when you actually speak up? You pack! One-sided decision-making.

    There is a lot of great work done, but there is also a huge integrity issue. I do believe that one can not look at the ED Grete as a High Priestess or Devil. It’s not black and white thinking. And it’s not just Grete. It’s not just SLT…who knows what’s the big picture here.

    In any case, this is not acceptable. It has an effect on all the great work done. UNOPS needs a change. More of real leaders who live the values. Not only speak about them, but live them. UNOPS needs transparency and honesty. I personally wish UNOPS a bright future – free of misconduct. Not only for the people who UNOPS serves, but also the people, who work for UNOPS. There are great hard-working people, they deserve a fair working place. Clean. They deserve to trust their leadership, and live without a fear of speaking up.

    I also hope that everyone, who was ever connected to a misconduct and somehow hurt others or the organisation in the process will simply leave and/or admit and correct their actions. The truth can’t be hidden for too long, and maybe these blogs are simply a wake-up call for those, who need it to reflect on their actions. They know who they are.


    1. @Have Your Say,
      your words in gods ear, I know there are legions of UNOPS personnel that think the same way.

      Having gone through a few restructuring, reorganization exercises with UNOPS, my hopes are low that much change will come out of this soul-searching.

      And you are right, “they know who they are” but, do they care? I doubt it, they will rather keep the head down and hope the storm will pass.

      And as some samples from colleagues here clearly stress, it is not always the top guys that get their hands dirty, they have armies of loyal soldiers that willingly carry out the final verdict, drawn up in some back-office because the only unspeakable, horrible thing that poor soul did was reporting fraud or mismanagement.

      You would be surprised through what lengths top managers go in order to keep their shining armor and not have the clean picture of their kingdom tainted.

      And there is not region you can exclude, its everywhere, we know it, they know it and they don’t care because there is little to nothing one can do against it. They act with total impunity. And there is the responsibility of Grete because she knew as well and she has either closed her eyes or quietly and unopposed tolerated the growing of that disease.

      If you want to rescue UNOPS then you have to tear it down and rebuild it from scratch.

      Sempre Fi



  11. What happened to the Speak Out campaign which was launched? Is UNOPS Internal Grieveances Mechanism effective?


  12. I reported a fraud case through established channels. When the regional director for Africa learned about it, he tried by all means to convince my hub director to terminate my contract under the pretext of lack of funding. The reason for that apparently I am bringing the region name in disrepute.


  13. Sad that fraud is nurtured by the people trusted with big responsibility to help the poor.
    UNOPS raises most of its funds in the field but you have a bunch of thieves at HQ whose expertise is only to bully and harass hardworking staff in the field working in very challenging situations.


  14. So many fraudulent activities are currently happening in the renewable energy project in Sierra Leone. The Leadership knows about it and nobody is acting. I have documented evidence. Who can I share it with? I don’t trust UNOPS systems.


    1. David Kendrick is the beneficial owner of SHS and BAU and has interests in Myra SHS in Dubai. Myra SHS took funds from UNOPS but they out from a failed IM Co Abraaj where millions were misused and so Myra SHS should also be investigated. In addition Daisy Kendrick is the beneficial owner of Daiken where UN funds have been gone to authorised by Vitaly but were never accounted for.

      We have written proof where millions of dollars have been misappropriated by DK into his private accounts and orchestrated by his so called FD Bernard Sumner


    2. David Kendrick is the beneficial owner of BAU SHS an entity with zero track record and Myra SHS all of which have received millions of dollars from UNOPS authorised by Vitaly Vashelboim. There is evidence in black and white where these millions were transferred into David Kendricks private accounts paid on numerous occasions by Bernard Sumner (his FD) along with payments to Daisy Kendricks WatoOceans and Myra SHS.

      This seems an incredible use of UNOPS reserves


  15. David Kendrick is the beneficial owner of SHS and BAU and has interests in Myra SHS in Dubai. Myra SHS took funds from UNOPS but they came out from a failed Investment Co Abraaj where millions were misused. Myra SHS should also be investigated. In addition Daisy Kendrick is the beneficial owner of Daiken where UN funds have been paid authorised by Vitaly but were never accounted for.

    We have written proof where millions of dollars have been misappropriated by DK into his private accounts and orchestrated by his so called FD Bernard Sumner


  16. David Kendrick is the beneficial owner of BAU SHS an entity with zero track record and Myra SHS all of which have received millions of dollars from UNOPS authorised by Vitaly Vashelboim. There is evidence in black and white where these millions were transferred into David Kendricks private accounts paid on numerous occasions by Bernard Sumner (his FD) along with payments to Daisy Kendricks WatoOceans and Myra SHS.

    This seems an incredible use of UNOPS reserves


  17. It is good to see that UNOPS staff are finally speaking out. The intimidation and harassment is really getting out hand. We have Senior managers who are forever making irrational decisions with cost and reputational risks to the organization but they are not hold to account.


  18. The toxic culture at UNOPS is nurtured by senior managers. When I joined UNOPS I was invited to the regional office in Copenhagen. Only 10% of the induction was work related. The advisors and the regional director spent most of the time gossiping.


  19. The New York Sun


    Monday, November 15, 2021

    What happens when a president asks the United Nations to take over a chunk of his country’s economy? Ask Mexicans who are dying while their government farms out the country’s pharma industry.

    As President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador returned Wednesday from a visit to the United Nations, hundreds of parents of cancer stricken children angrily greeted him at the Mexico City airport. AMLO, as the president is known, then gathered his cabinet, banged on the table, and publicly demanded the health ministry put an end to the crisis.

    “What AMLO didn’t do is admit his own failure,” Maria Elena Perez-Jaen told me. Earlier the Mexican activist made a splash on national television, blaming medical shortages on a pact the president made with a UN agency.

    In 2020, AMLO’s government and the United Nations Office for Project Services signed a $6 billion deal to, in effect, take over Mexico’s pharmaceutical industry for the years between 2021 and 2024. For its services, UNOPS was to be paid $109 million by the government.

    Since then, however, pharmacy shelves around the country have emptied, hospital equipment has been lacking, and vaccines became harder to find. Children’s mortality from cancer rose due to the shortages. Altogether, 444,722 more Mexicans died in 2020 and the first nine months of 2021 than in previous such spans — a rate much higher than the government’s official statistic on Covid-related deaths.

    What caused all the misery? Mr. Lopez Obrador, a scion of Latin America’s hard left, has bought into the notion that the UN can cure his country’s ills, including corruption. After his election victory, Mr. Lopez Obrador consolidated the various health-related federal agencies into one, which he named the National Health Institute for Well Being.

    Then, to straighten out a perceived corruption-plagued industry, he went back to UNOPS. Partnering with INSABI, the UN agency promised “to help maximize the transparency and effectiveness of health procurement” in the country, Erika Cristina Paredes, an UNOPS spokeswoman in Mexico, told me in an email.

    Some “transparency,” says Ms. Perez-Jaen. A former head of Mexico’s federal office for ensuring government openness, she tried, for months to use Mexico’s equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act to get data on AMLO’s UN deal. She finally flew to New York this week to personally file a complaint with the UN’s watchdog, the Office of Internal Oversight Services. Passing along information dug up independently, she called on OIOS to further investigate the Mexico-UNOPS deal.

    Mexico’s shortage of medicine and equipment “is caused largely by the inexperience and ineffectiveness of UNOPS,” Ms. Perez-Jaen tells me. The agency, she says, is simply unqualified to handle Mexico’s complex health system.

    As Octavio Gómez Dantés, a researcher at Mexico City’s National Institute of Public Health, told the Lancet magazine, “We went from a situation where there were medicines and surely there was corruption to a situation where there are no medicines and we don’t know if there is corruption.”

    Sure enough, the blame game begins. Ms. Paredes of UNOPS, tells me the agency is fulfilling its responsibility to procure medicines. It’s the government agency, INSABI, that “has the responsibility of distributing and delivering the medicines to all the health institutions.”

    AMLO meanwhile blames everyone — his predecessors, past pharma monopolies, corrupt executives, and “international right-wing groups,” that are out to get him.

    Meanwhile, rumors abound in Mexico City that the government already plans to dissolve its partnership with UNOPS. The agency didn’t confirm, but Ms. Paredes said they’re aware of such press reports.

    In the aftermath of the Oil for Food scandal, the late Secretary General Kofi Annan said the UN should never again attempt to take over large swaths of a country’s economy, as that graft-plagued program did in Iraq. Unheeding the advice, Mexicans now are learning anew that the UN cure can be worse than any national disease.


    Twitter @bennyavni


    1. UNOPS workers won’t comment on this. They know many similar projects which the organization is failing to deliver in many part of the world despite taking the so called the management fees. The management is not so worried about this because with the reserves, they are able to pay back the funds to the donor.


  20. David Kendrick is the beneficial owner of BAU and SHS an entity with zero track record and Myra SHS all of which have received millions of dollars from UNOPS authorised by Vitaly Vashelboim. There is evidence in black and white where these millions were transferred into David Kendricks private accounts paid on numerous occasions by Bernard Sumner (his FD) along with payments to Daisy Kendricks Daiken and WatoOceans and Myra SHS.

    This seems an incredible use of UNOPS reserves


  21. The misuse of power by Senior leaders at UNOPS Office is not only hurting the personnel morale and lowering productivity, it is also causing high employee turnover and frequent absenteeism.

    Most of UNOPS personnel are suffering from stress-related illnesses because of the bullying which is normalized in the organization.

    PCG and Ethics Office should do their work independently without interference from SLT.

    There is still hope for UNOPS.


  22. Tyranny thrives when good men and women do nothing. Turning a blind eye to injustice is what brought UNOPS where it is Today.
    UNOPS is hijacked by a few corrupt greedy men and women but if we stand together, the organization can be restored to its former glory.


    1. Vitaly Vashelboim authorised US$58.8 million from its reserves to a private company, Sustainable Housing Solutions (SHS) Holdings. David Kendrick, the father of WATO’s Daisy Kendrick, appears linked to that and was established by Bernard Sumner but little or no investments seem to have been made in any housing ~ will these funds ever be found or justice prevail


  23. I worked in UNOPS for 3 years and I was bullied. I talked to ethics, PCG, grievances…many times throughout two and a half years. I am still waiting for them to take action and protect me from an abusive supervisor. I left UNOPS because I had to and I don’t regret it. It was them or my well being so I chose me


    1. Yeah, PCG only act on malice, deceit and falsehood they are fed by people who are trying to hide their incompetence but what goes around come around.


  24. Write to
    A US lawyer is on standby to help all UNOPS personnel for wrongful termination. Please spread the word to ask UNOPS IICA contractors who were discriminated against, retaliated against, owed money, wrongfully terminated, racially against to write to this email. A class action is being formed.


  25. Well, I think simple. Corruption is a crime that should be treated as a such. Just making the people involved in it is not at all sufficient. Legal action should be taken and people should bei judged as it is happening to all ‘normal’ criminals. Is UNOPS afraid in seeing its senior staff in jail?


  26. Well, I think simple. Corruption is a crime that should be treated as a such. Just making the people involved in it to leave the organization is not at all sufficient. Legal action should be taken and people should be judged as it is happening to all ‘normal’ criminals. Or is UNOPS afraid in seeing its senior staff in jail?


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