Acting for accountability and correction at the top of UNOPS

15 April 2022 – Mukesh Kapila

Image by Oleg Mitiukhin

Previous articles in this series have sought to decrypt the fraud, corruption, misconduct and mismanagement at the top of the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS). Because of the web of concealment and deceit spun by its Executive Director, Grete Faremo, her erstwhile deputy Vitaly Vanshelboim, and Senior Leadership Team, it is a complex affair.

But thanks to many people – current and past UNOPS staff – providing information and analysis – the pieces are coming together. Their courage is to be saluted, especially as UNOPS leadership tends to be nasty and vindictive towards those who speak out. Its ethics, complaints and investigation functions are well-known as farcical.  Of course, there is much more to say about the misdeeds at UNOPS. Doubtless, these will emerge in due course. You can’t fool all the people, all the time!  

A message for UNOPS personnel

 Several donors and partners have indicated  that they know there is no whistle-blower protection at UNOPS, and intimidation is in progress.  They have asked me to pass on an open invitation UNOPS personnel worldwide, to approach donors’ whistleblower contact points (available usually from organisational websites). This applies especially to any current or former UNOPS staff or contractor who has witnessed abuse, misconduct, fraud and corruption in relation to any donor-funded project or UNOPS contract.

Some actions are underway

Furthermore, several donors have begun reviews of their UNOPS support portfolios. Some are suspending disbursements of agreed contributions, pending the completion of investigations and action on findings.  The Government of Finland has announced suspension of its core funding of the UNOPS S3i Initiative Office in Helsinki, after Ms Faremo was obliged, thanks to recent publicity,  to belatedly confess that they had problems.  

Below, for the public record, are the texts of my recent letter to all donors, partners, and clients of UNOPS, and my 5th April message to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.  They follow my 4th April letter to the President of the UNOPS Executive Board.

These communications are self-explanatory, but a few key messages are worth reiterating:

  • There is little confidence in the  UN’s own self-investigation processes – whether at UNOPS or by OIOS. Credibility requires genuinely independent external inquiries – and there are many models for doing just that.
  • Millions of dollars can’t have been misdirected at UNOPS by the so-called ‘misconduct’ of one person but required the active connivance of Ms Faremo and all her Senior Leadership Team, consisting of  Honore Dainhi, Marianne de la Touche, Nick O’Regan James Provenzano, and Peter Browne. They relied, in turn, on their subordinates in critical compliance and clearance functions failing their duties: Hafida Lahiouel, Paul Lucas, Kelley Swift, and Kathryn Higgs. A couple have left but all of them must go, if confidence in UNOPS is to be restored. Turning Vitaly Vanshelboim – whatever charges are proved against him – into a scapegoat for the wrong doings of others is not an adequate rendering of accountabilities.
  • Because of the systematic undermining and bypassing of UNOPS’s internal checks and controls by its own senior leadership, it can’t be assumed that UNOPS problems were limited to S3i (and previously WATO). Thus, all its operations are vulnerable to abuse and all funding to UNOPS is potentially unsafe.  Donors, partners, and clients must protect themselves through clear actions – so that the dirt from UNOPS misbehaviours does not sully them.  
  • However, we need UNOPS to be trusted again so that it can return to making an effective contribution towards the many problems facing our world. It is urgent to take robust action to clean-up UNOPS and reform its business systems – to ensure it does not fall prey to corruption, fraud, and mismanagement again.

Text of letter to UNOPS donors, clients, partners

Dear Colleagues,

I am grateful for this opportunity to draw your attention to the attached copy of a self-explanatory letter dated 4th April to the President of the Executive Board of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). It concerns serious mismanagement, fraud and corruption at the agency, and calls for urgent action from the UNOPS/UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board.  The letter, contains within it, links to the details behind the concerns raised. 

You may also want to share this message with your relevant colleagues dealing with your organisational control and compliance matters (legal, finance and audit, ethics, human resources policies). Please note that it cannot be assumed that the serious problem identified at UNOPS is limited  to Sustainable Investments in Infrastructure and Innovation (S3I) initiative its “special purpose vehicle”. That is because of the pattern of systematic undermining of the UNOPS system of internal oversight and controls. That make all its operations vulnerable. 

Remedial action is not just for the Board or the UN Secretary General who has also been approached (see below).  The issue directly concerns all agencies that are UNOPS stakeholders for three main reasons: 

  • First, the corrupt, fraudulent use of aid funds with associated mismanagement in any agency leads to loss of public confidence and support in the wider international development system and thereby affects all of us.  There is, therefore,  a duty to seek speedy accountability and correction, so as to reduce wider reputation damage as well as to protect the interests of the ultimate beneficiaries for which our system exists.
  • Second, the weaknesses at UNOPS were enabled by its rent-seeking and profiteering business model, tolerated through neglect or non-understanding by the development system. That allowed UNOPS to accumulate huge reserves it used to “gamble” on extremely shady business ventures (such as S3i and a predecessor WATO) with negative returns, and that also spawned fraud and corruption. In effect, this was ‘stealing’ your funds that should have gone towards achieving productive SDG  outcomes.  Accordingly, you may consider a duty to seek redress to protect and reduce losses related to your own funds. 
  • Third, as attested by its own personnel, there is the matter of UNOPS’s egregious abuses of good management practices such as no whistleblower protection, retaliation against those who spoke up, abuse of position by senior managers to intimidate subordinates and commit business malpractices, as well as the complete capture of ethical, legal, and financial checks and controls by the top of the organisation. This affects other agencies like yours because UNOPS has a nexus of contractual relations with them. 

Several of you also contribute towards, benefit from, or have other stake in the so-called ‘hosted partnerships’ that UNOPS runs out of its Geneva office. Legally speaking, these are UNOPS projects and vulnerable to the same problems as any other project. Corruption cases have been identified therein. 

The shady doings at UNOPS arise directly from the policies and operational practices  developed and promoted by the Executive Director, Ms Grete Faremo and her personally-appointed Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Ms Faremo has been disingenuous in deliberately concealing – or lying – about what has been going on, and her assurances to the contrary are completely unreliable, and un-evidenced by revealed facts. While Ms Faremo is separating from UNOPS on 30 September, it is extremely unsafe to leave her – and her conspirators in the SLT – in their current decision-making roles.  They are currently busy further intimidating staff, and tampering with the evidence needed for independent investigations. 

The Executive Board and UN Secretary General have been urged to act speedily and decisively, with several suggestions outlined in the attached letter.   Additionally, as a donor, client, or partner stakeholder in UNOPS, you may want to consider the following: 

  • Action 1: Examine with urgency your existing project portfolio with UNOPS to forensically audit their disbursements to satisfy yourself on their integrity, and to monitor performance to see if quantified targets are being delivered according to agreed objectives. Re-examine and seek justification for the overhead fees – of different types – that UNOPS is charging. If questionable transactions are identified, they need their own specific responses.  Please note that UNOPS’s own self-certified audits and reports cannot be relied upon and you must endeavour to conduct your own independent diligence.
  • Action 2: Suspend funding to UNOPS including making any new contributions, and withhold further tranches of existing allocations. To re-emphasise:  all funding to UNOPS is unsafe until investigations have concluded, accountability obtained, and corrections made to the grave systemic weaknesses and vulnerabilities that allowed UNOPS to fall prey to fraud, corruption, and mismanagement. 
  • Action 3: Review together with other donors and partners, and jointly with the Executive Board, the underlying policies and strategies that allowed UNOPS to conduct itself in ways contrary to the letter and spirit of United Nations principles and good practices. Obviously, this is a medium-term task that should include the new Executive Director. But, in the meantime, as a minimum, the compromised S3i initiative needs to be frozen and, furthermore beyond S3i, the current Executive Director and SLT should also not be allowed to make any new decisions. 

In the past few days, several key donors have already acted to review their funding and relations with UNOPS; that is welcomed.  The Government of Finland has also suspended its core funding to S3i but it has special responsibility to investigate further because it hosts the S3i business. Also, of course, the Government of Denmark has overall duty to act  because it hosts the headquarters of UNOPS and has granted them many immunities and privileges that UNOPS has misused.

It is important that you safeguard your own resources to control any damage to your own institutional interests and reputation through the above recommended and other actions that you think appropriate.  

Meanwhile, none of us need reminding that we are at a critical moment where there are many crises raging around the world. These require the collective efforts of  all agencies. UNOPS is also very much needed to make an effective contribution in that context. Hence,  it is vital that decisive action is taken to restore trust to a reformed UNOPS, so that it can start functioning properly again under new leadership and senior management. 

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if required.  With best regards,……

 Text of letter to the UN Secretary General

Cc Deputy Secretary-General; ASG, UN OIOS; Director of Ethics; Controller; ACABQ.

Dear Mr Secretary General, 

I have the honour to draw your attention to the attached copy of a self-explanatory letter dated 4th April, to the President of the Executive Board of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). It concerns serious mismanagement, fraud and corruption at the agency, and calls for urgent action from the UNOPS/UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board.  

However, action is not just for the Board, but also for you because UNOPS operates under the supervision of the Secretary-General who appoints its Executive Director. Furthermore, this is a matter of grave importance for the United Nations system because it bears not just on its effectiveness at a time of great global need, but also on its collective reputation.

This matter has arisen  because of the egregious mismanagement, misconduct and misuse of authority by and under the UNOPS Executive Director, Undersecretary-General Grete Faremo and her Senior Leadership Team. Ms Faremo has systematically withheld the facts from and misled the Executive Board, as well as not heeded the concerns that had been raised previously by, for example, ACABQ.  

Thousands of dedicated current and past personnel at UNOPS are deeply distressed by what has been happened and, even more, extremely frustrated because the organs of justice and accountability in both UNOPS and the UN Secretariat appear to be failing them, Meanwhile, evidence-tampering and staff intimidation are rife at UNOPS.   That is why we believe that it is not safe for Ms Faremo and her Senior Leadership Team to remain in post, and suggest that they be put on administrative leave pending resolution of the underlying problem.

Current UNOPS efforts to dismiss this as a “political’ matter through the aggressive lobbying of stakeholders including States, are disingenuous and confuse or pervert elucidation of the facts. It is not a political issue at all and politicising it does not serve your – or Member States’ – interests.  It is simply a non-political matter of wrong-doing that should never be tolerated in any UN agency.

However, the gravity of alleged crimes at UNOPS can’t be managed just through internal UN administrative procedures, as appears to be happening at the present time. Hence my letter to the UNOPS Board proposes full external and independent  inquiry and law enforcement action, perhaps modelled on an adapted form of the Volcker Inquiry. This is possible to be done under the authority of the Secretary-General, and needs no UN Security Council resolution as was the case for the Iraq Oil-for-food inquiry.

Copies of my letter to the President of the UNOPS Executive Board  have been transmitted to all Permanent Representatives of Member States at the United Nations in New York, with onward transmittal to all capitals. A web version of that letter can also be found here

My contact details are in this mail, in case needed. In hoping for urgent action from you, please accept, Mr Secretary-General, the assurances of my highest consideration,…….

Published by Mukesh Kapila


34 thoughts on “Acting for accountability and correction at the top of UNOPS

  1. It is good to see that Finland decided to suspended its contribution to the S3i. Let’s hope other donors and UNOPS clients follow suit.


  2. The World Bank is the most vulnerable institution which is being exploited by UNOPS. Most of the budgets are inflated and on top of that, UNOPS charge the Bank risk increment which in most cases is determined by the regional directors.


  3. It is time for humanitarian and development actors to review their relationship with UNOPS.

    It now make sense why UNOPS have a policy of not wanting to implement projects which are less than $1M.


  4. I work as an ICT Officer for UNOPS and I am now asked to do unethical tasks including to spy on my colleagues.


  5. Mukesh, you bring up very important points, along with the colleagues, present and past. One big item remains how this SLT was formed in first place to replace a genuinely committed team of managers from before. Is it coincidence that all the members of the SLT and beyond are all closely connected, and all from the North, to replace the diverse group of before? That the majority of the new SLT happen to be British and Australian? The Chief of Staff/Advisor who has no credibility, the Director of Standards and Projects who was hired because he did Grete a big personal favor, the Director of IAIG, the Head of Communications who is a puppet, the ’emerging’ Head of HR who hides all the wrong doings for them and works against the regions’ needs, the Ethics Officers (both) who only supported the retaliation against the whistleblower, and in addition to a Project Management team who has been made up of British males? Why was the diverse team of the past replaced, and how? How was the change reviewed and implemented? Did anyone ask how their recruitments happened in first place? Let’s take a look at Nick, he was the head of a country office which Grete visited among her first. He helped her with her father’s formal recognition by the state, and in response, Grete immediately asked to promote him, first into a self-invented position and later into his current role, two promotions in a matter of two years. The self-invented unit was immediately shut down after he left it. His recruitment was against all the rules and standards, Grete paid Boyden $100,000 to do an initial cover-up assessment, while waiving the absolutely required academic qualifications, and while Boyden did not recommend him and ranked him as third, questioning his credibility, she decided to hire him in a prefabricated second process. A pay back to the personal favors he did for her father. Even the flowers bought for her father’s event were paid for by the office, while she neglected the actual purpose and partners her visit was actually intended for. All the rules were broken in one chain of incidents. There is of course a link which I would not want to mention here, but this is a simple example of their principles.
    Those who spoke out were accused of this or that. A diverse team of leaders unops once had, leading this great organization and it’s people in the right direction, replaced by individual selections, like minded, and leading unops into fraud, nepotism, and so much more. Why was all this allowed to happen? And why was this all covered up by the like-minded HR, except that this is a gang that was able to get away with so much. Unops is going down, has been for several years. Its change of course under Grete and her SLT has taken the organization into wrong places. So much of good personnel’s time and believe and passion has been misused.
    This is a small part of so much more. Has the UN become so political, inside with people left to implement this national agendas, or incapable of letting people go because of their strong-donor nationality? What kind of UN are we looking at these days? Would Kofi Annan or Dag Hammerskjœld have allowed this to happen in their lifetime?
    If Grete has some respect for her SG, for her own country, and if her SLT have unops interest on their mind, and in order to give the organization and it’s people a chance of survival, they should all admit, apologize, and resign. Their arrogance in the last town hall meeting disgusted so many colleagues across the entire world. Just go.


  6. For the past 6 years UNOPS has been run like a Mafia syndicate. What is on paper is hardly respected. SLT members have no respect for internal processes and policies.
    PCG and Ethics are tools to cover up all the mess they have created.

    UNOPS personnel lost trust in the system. SLT should pack and go.


  7. Good that UNOPS staff can now report corruption case directly to donors and clients. Please share the links to donor websites where we can report.


  8. Some Regional Directors have resorted to intimidation tactics.
    1. A Google sheet has been circulated for the hub directors to note down any comments made by donors in light of the blog posts.
    2. All meetings should take place on Google meet and should be recorded.
    3. Regional Advisors will bepp deployed to visit all the hubs and test personnel loyalty towards the Regional Director.


  9. Why did it takes UNOPS four months to issue a press release regarding Vitaly administrative leave? Vitaly was put on Administrative leave in December 2021 and the press release in this regard was only issued on 14 April 2022.

    Secondly, can Ms Faremo be consistent. In the Townhall she said Vitaly misled her and the SLT. How did she come to this conclusion if the investigation is still ongoing?


  10. I know it is never too late for justice, but UNOPS SLT has destroyed the organization many people worked so hard to build.


  11. I worked for UNOPS for 9 months and my contract was terminated on recommendations by the Africa Regional Director. He also gave instruction that my last month salary should not be paid. Where can I report this?


    1. Write to
      A US lawyer is on standby to help all UNOPS personnel for wrongful termination. Please spread the word to ask UNOPS IICA contractors who were discriminated against, retaliated against, owed money, wrongfully terminated, racially against to write to this email. A class action is being formed.


  12. Regrettably, mismanagement and abuse of authority at UNOPS is institutionalized.
    In 2019, I found myself in a mental health hospital and I am still suffering from depression because my supervisor with support from the regional office wanted me out of my job. I raise a complaint with the regional director who did not even acknowledge my email.


      1. Could you provide more information about this class action lawsuit? Who is leading it, which law firm etc? I googled it but could find nothing about it online. I know many ICAs who would be interested. Many thanks.


  13. What is there to investigate? S3i was created as a vehicle for money laundering from UNOPS to SHS. The funds were transferred to new companies with links to either Vitaly, Honore and James.


  14. Shocking revelations in the UNBOA report. How did UNOPS keep disbursing funds even after the auditors recommendations. Something is not adding up.


  15. What is reported here is a fraction picked up by the auditors. In UNOPS, funds are being misappropriated left, right and center.


  16. @Kota,

    well that was expected. The RDs sending out their henchmen/women (to be gender correct) like the Spanish Inquisition in the dark ages.
    There will be more intimidation, threats, subtle hints about contract renewal and “that we all need to stick together” “that we all are in the same boat.”

    It is amazing to see how some colleagues who just month ago worked in country offices and suffered the same pressure, became turncoats the moment they joined a Regional Office.
    Some acting like judge and executioner, drunken by power and the “untouchable” feeling the new position bestowed on them.

    What many forget is the fact that they not only become accomplices to rampant abuse, violation of UN values and simple human decency but that most of them are not staff but ICAs and as such they do not have the same protection as under the staff rules of the UN. Whilst it is still very difficult to bring UN staff to justice, provided that the SG will waive the immunity, ICA do not enjoy the same privileges and could easily be brought to court.

    Maybe some food for thoughts for some overambitious ICA wanna be inquisitor.

    Sempre Fi



  17. Mukesh, your blogposts are definitely bold and somewhat factual. I wish I had one tenth of your daring. But I am more surprised when reading the comments of my colleagues. Nobody said a good word about our ED, despite that she launched and successfully implemented a number of good initiatives. I often see her in the office, always kind and friendly. I prefer to believe she was involved in the things you’ve been discussing. Wishing her good health. You’ll get over it, Ms F.


  18. UNOPS SLT dears,

    The best thing to do at this stage is to step down. We lost trust in your leadership.

    We are asked to work around the clock to fabricate key messages to be shared with partners and donors. We are not going to be accomplices in your fraudulent activities.

    UNOPS partners know the truth! It is just a matter of time before they suspend their funding.

    Btw, you may want to use the kickbacks you received from Kendrick to dish out the so called ‘reserves’ (in actual sense, these are donors money you kept after inflating the project costs and underpaying ICAs) to hire a spin doctor.
    P Browne is a honest guy, he will not be able to help you.


  19. @Incognito

    what successfully implemented good initiatives that might be?

    She is a hard core politician and has managed some of the toughest Ministries in Norway including Justice and Defense.
    You don’t get there just with a kind and friendly smile. You have to make decisions that are not always appreciated by everyone and you have to leave your emotions home when working in politics.

    Reckon that was her misjudgment, running UNOPS like a Government Ministry from the inside and like a “business” from the outside. She never really made the transition from a Minister to a Development Leader. She would throw anyone to the Wolfes without hesitation if she was convinced it was in the best interest of her.

    Unfortunately many from the Senior Managers in HQ and the Regional Directors took on the same habits and embarked on a road where the UN values were replaced by the desire to make more profit and the picture of employees changed from “You are our biggest assets” to a more realistic “We work you like slaves, there will be no overtime payment, no health insurance, no education allowance, no housing allowance, no pension”
    But you have to carry the major portion of UNOPS work and if you complain then we will find a way to get rid of you.

    I have talked to plenty of ICA colleagues and there is this sense of fear, of not being actually a UN asset but a paid consultant, hired to do the jobs which in other UN Agencies would only be performed by FTA P-contract holders.

    ICAs have no rights, they can complain to a tooth-less ombudsman or an ethics office that will always side with the corporate executive. That’s why so many of us are grateful to Mukesh for the opportunity to provide a platform where we can voice our grievance.

    It is a well designed system of exploitation and misuse of the core philosophy of the UN and in fact, UNOPS is not operating differently like the Boston Consultancy Group or Emerging Markets or Coffey International or any of the other consulting firms. The difference is, the firms treat and pay their employees much better. And UNOPS can hide behind the privileges and immunities of the UN.

    I agree with @Joseph G. the UNBOA report is shocking and in any normal private sector firm, the responsible managers including the CEO would have been fired or even been prosecuted but not in UNOPS, no, the SLT and the top executive join forces and want to present Vitaly as the single villain, the super crook that pulled off this heist.

    How does the saying go…..There is no honor among thieves….

    The sad part is of course that countless honest and hard working UNOPS employees from the working-class have to face the music when they talk to donors and partners and don’t know what to say.

    Reckon the fraud and corruption hotlines of major UNOPS donors will have to work extra hours in the near future…..

    Sempre Fi



    1. I agree with your comments especially about the toothless Ombudsman Office and PCG. I recently resigned from UNOPS because my boss decided to give me a non satisfactory performance evaluation. I thought of taking up my case with PCG but IPAS HR told me not to waste my time. Apparently it was someone from PCG who advised that my supervisor give me a bad rating. My position is earmarked for someone they know.


  20. Ambassador Chris Lu
    U.S. Representative for UN Management and Reform
    New York, New York
    February 1, 2022


    Thank you for having me today.

    On behalf of the United States, I’d like to express our appreciation to UNOPS for its innovative work to drive development in renewable energy, affordable housing, and other critical sectors. I also want to commend the Executive Director for UNOPS’ commitment to gender mainstreaming in its work and gender parity in its workplace.

    The U.S. believes strongly that supporting the full participation of women and girls in social, economic, civic, and political life is essential to progress in every other area. The U.S. supports the initial transfer of $105 million to the S3i reserve. However, we are concerned about the growth of overall reserves, which reached $286 million at the end of 2020. We will continue to closely monitor overall return on investments made by UNOPS in the context of its 2022-25 Strategic Plan.

    We note that the Board of Auditors has issued recommendations on the minimum and maximum operational reserve requirements regarding S3i. When will UNOPS will implement these recommendations?

    In addition, now that the reserve fund for S3i has been established, what is the need for the Growth and Innovation reserve?

    It is our understanding that UNOPS has equity positions in several entities receiving S3i funds. Could you provide the Board with a specific example of an equity investment including general structure, expected timeline of the investment, and projected return. What UNOPS policies govern equity stakes in UNOPS projects?

    While we recognize that successful innovations are accompanied by risks and failures, the U.S. is concerned about the bad debt allowance which represents 40% of all funds invested through the S3i initiative as of December 31, 2020. What steps will UNOPS take to minimize such losses in the future?

    Finally, the U.S. does not support further transfers to the S3i reserve without explicit executive Board approval. And we expect any such requests to be supported by detailed justifications including project specific proposals.

    The United States looks forward to reviewing the comprehensive evaluation at the end of the pilot phase in December 2023.

    Thank you.



  21. Now our emails are flooded with the same email from various UNOPS personnel reacting to blog posts and Devex articles. Why shooting the messenger- Mukesh instead of cleaning up your mess?

    Now it make sense why UNOPS is always hesitant of building capacity of local experts.


  22. Ms Faremo you are right! S3i is not part of UNOPS project activities. It is the vehicle set up by SLT members with surplus from UNOPS projects to make David Kendrick rich.

    Do you mind explaining the source of the $5M for the WATO project?


  23. Sadly, neither Grete or Marianne, Honore Nick or Pete care for UNOPS, otherwise they would have resigned already.
    As of Jim, and his italian pals, they have been using UN (UNDP & UNOPS) as a method to gross the pockets of the mafias.

    Poor UNOPS personel are entirely alone and HR is rotten, starting from the head, the great CFO.
    PCG was bad with Tina and is even worst with Victoria, only 2 or 3 low ranked IICA are good and really care about people but have no authority to make decisions, the rest are fake and selfish. Don’t even get me started with the Change management group, just a group of clueless europeans pretending to know what they are doing (fake it until you make it?), designing programs so disconected from reality, that are just a joke. If only they knew how much people laugh of them in the field. We even miss Sebastian R!

    Internal Grievances is useless. IPAS HR is full with incompetent and overly paid pseudo HR assistants that only care about power and having the last word.


  24. @concerned UNOPS staff

    The source of the $5M is simple- It is 5 Million USD earned by countless of hard working UNOPS personnel in the field, through project fees, overheads, risk increments, – money that was squeezed out of donors and sent off to the HQ, so the cost centers in Copenhagen and in the Regional Offices were able to enjoy a relatively nice lifestyle, have lavish retreats and to expand their workforce so they could impose even more pressure on the revenue-centers to bring more revenue and profit every year with an average annual increase of at least 10% – demanded and forced by the Regional Directors upon the country offices.

    But I reckon your question was just hypothetical and you knew that all along.

    Sempre Fi



  25. Message to current and former UNOPS personnel

    If you raised a complaint with Internal Grieveances, Ethics or Ombudsman but you feel your case was not properly dealt with, your feel that your contract was wrongly terminated or you were retaliated after reporting a misconduct, please write to :

    Please spread the message


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