If the world is producing enough food for all, why is global hunger rising?

22 July 2022 – Mukesh Kapila

A man buys bread in Ulus district of Ankara, Turkey, in May 2022. AP Photo

The world is getting hungrier although we still produce enough food for everyone. Can we just blame conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war and the climate change crisis? In any case, the current food dilemma cannot be solved by technical fixes or charitable tinkering……. READ:

Our beloved hummus is threatened as a global chickpea shortage drives up prices. Supplies have shrunk by 20 per cent and prices have increased by 17 per cent compared to three years ago. This matters, as chickpeas are an important protein source in the Middle East, as well as in South Asian curries. The same can be said for 1.5 billion vegetarians worldwide who rely on chickpea stews and soups, and the half a billion people with wheat gluten sensitivity who use chickpea flour to bake bread.

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This article was first published in The National News

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