If We Fail in Health We Fail Overall

9 August 2016 – Mukesh Kapila The much hyped, first-ever World Humanitarian Summit has come and gone. Convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, 9000 participants from 173 countries assembled in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016. They included 55 heads of state and government, and hundreds of civil society, NGO, academic, and private sector organizations. Issuing aContinue reading “If We Fail in Health We Fail Overall”

Global Health: Our Moral Compass in a World of Crisis

7 May 2016 – Jakaya Kikwete & Mukesh Kapila The first ever World Humanitarian Summit will be convened in Istanbul by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on 23-24 May 2016. This comes with the recognition that the world’s response to humanitarian crises is itself in crisis, as conflicts seem to go on for ever, record numbers ofContinue reading “Global Health: Our Moral Compass in a World of Crisis”

Remembering Darfur: The World’s Longest Running Genocide

1 January 2016 – Mukesh Kapila On the 27th of January 1945 Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. That is why today is designated Holocaust Remembrance Day by the United Nations to recall the Nazi-perpetrated genocide that killed some 6 million Jews, 1 million Roma, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men.  We also remember today the victimsContinue reading “Remembering Darfur: The World’s Longest Running Genocide”

Where Chlorine Is Your Best Friend

8 January 2015 – Mukesh Kapila Two-year old Emile, otherwise known by the undignified label ‘patient zero’, succumbed to Ebola in the small village of Meliandou in Guinea in December 2013 and then so did his ­sister, mother, and grandmother. Neighbours who came for the funerals helped spread it through traditional, but now unsafe, burialContinue reading “Where Chlorine Is Your Best Friend”

Shall Not Perish: Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami

26 December 2014 – Mukesh Kapila Ten years ago, the Indian Ocean Tsunami was triggered by one of the largest-ever earthquakes. With a mind-boggling magnitude 9.1-9.3 on the Richter scale, it lasted for a record ten minutes and literally shook the world: vertical earth movements of 1 centimetre or more were recorded on the oppositeContinue reading “Shall Not Perish: Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami”

How Mary Saves the World – One Life at a Time

23 December 2014 – Mukesh Kapila Zambia is getting to grips with its AIDS crisis thanks to the millions of dollars in donor aid allowing the country to make anti-retroviral treatment universally available. But these precious drugs can often stay in hospitals and clinics while most of the population is scattered across a vast landscapeContinue reading “How Mary Saves the World – One Life at a Time”

In Celebration of Senseless Acts of Kindness

26 October 2014 – Mukesh Kapila “senseless act of kindness’’ which took me to its author Vasily Grossman and his magisterial novel: Life and Fate. This is a near-forgotten jewel of Russian literature. His translator Robert Chandler provides this introduction, quoting from Grossman himself: “We would do well to remember every time we hear promises of a newContinue reading “In Celebration of Senseless Acts of Kindness”