If the world is producing enough food for all, why is global hunger rising?

22 July 2022 – Mukesh Kapila The world is getting hungrier although we still produce enough food for everyone. Can we just blame conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war and the climate change crisis? In any case, the current food dilemma cannot be solved by technical fixes or charitable tinkering……. READ: Our beloved hummus is threatened asContinue reading “If the world is producing enough food for all, why is global hunger rising?”

Is health a bridge-for-peace or a tool of war?

4 July 2022 – Mukesh Kapila We have a record number of deadly and no-holds-barred conflicts raging around the world ranging from endless wars such as in Syria and Yemen, and grinding civil wars such as in Ethiopia’s Tigray and in Myanmar. As well as smouldering ones such as in Afghanistan. And, of course, new viciousContinue reading “Is health a bridge-for-peace or a tool of war?”

No time for complacency: Somalia’s unfolding catastrophe

24 June 2022 – Mukesh Kapila This article was first released in The Conversation on 21 June 2022. Somalia is on the brink of catastrophe. A recent assessment suggests that 7.7 million Somalis need emergency aid right now, a similar number to those affected by the Ethiopian famine in 1984, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history. About one millionContinue reading “No time for complacency: Somalia’s unfolding catastrophe”

UNOPS must stop lying and remove all its fraud-enabling Senior Leadership Team

8 June 2022 – Mukesh Kapila My previous article described the UNOPS Executive Board briefing on 16th May. It also referenced strong criticisms made by many Member-States who have belatedly recognised the mismanagement, misconduct, and potential fraud at UNOPS.  Finland was particularly outraged because it was conned into hosting the office of S3i  – theContinue reading “UNOPS must stop lying and remove all its fraud-enabling Senior Leadership Team”

Humanitarian instinct against humanitarian bureaucracy

26 May 2022 – Mukesh Kapila Last month, I visited Romania and the border region with Ukraine towards Odesa, in my role as Special Adviser to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), accompanying its President Hon. Gennaro Migliore and Secretary General Sergio Piazzi.    PAM is an international organisation of the parliaments of theContinue reading “Humanitarian instinct against humanitarian bureaucracy”

What the UNOPS scandal teaches about multilateral vulnerabilities and reforms

25 May 2022 – Mukesh Kapila I have found over past weeks that professional circles familiar with the multilateral United Nations system tend to see or excuse its transgressions in nuanced terms.  It is as if the complexity of the contexts in which the UN functions confuses their moral direction-finder. Perhaps a weary cynicism andContinue reading “What the UNOPS scandal teaches about multilateral vulnerabilities and reforms”

Journey into the heart of a scandal: how UNOPS cheated donors, exploited the poor, and lost millions

I used a trip to India to see for myself how UNOPS’s social impact investing initiative for affordable housing via its partner SHS was doing. It wasn’t doing anything. The where did the money go?