Is health a bridge-for-peace or a tool of war?

4 July 2022 – Mukesh Kapila We have a record number of deadly and no-holds-barred conflicts raging around the world ranging from endless wars such as in Syria and Yemen,¬†and grinding civil wars such as in Ethiopia’s Tigray and in Myanmar. As well as smouldering ones such as in Afghanistan. And, of course, new viciousContinue reading “Is health a bridge-for-peace or a tool of war?”

Following the Tigray conflict, the rocky road to peace in Ethiopia

Experience shows there are no shortcuts, quick-fixes, avoiding tackling underlying causes and ignoring the bringing of justice and healing to end a war & sustain #peace. Also, while all wars eventually end, how long and viciously a war is fought has a direct bearing on the quality of peace that follows.
When #genocide acts are part of the warmaking, forging peace is substantially more difficult.
What are these and other lessons from war and peace around Africa and the world?

Will #Ethiopia #Tigray learn? And others engaged in endless conflicts in so many places.